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A creative alarm app that uses awkward but relatively common sounds (i.e. pet vomiting, pet licking, breaking glass, etc) that are guaranteed to wake the user. No longer will you have to hit the snooze button again; you’ll be up and alert immediately. Apps are being developed for each and everything that we use in our day-to-day life. Many providers are now busy developing an app for trading as well as more and more investors prefer trading through an app. However, some web traders have an in-house app that works well on Android and iOS mobile devices. It also enables users to trade from anywhere, anytime. If you are considering investing using trading apps, the trading apps test guide will help you to know the best apps based on the current market situation.

Alarm Sounds

Pet vomiting, pet licking, breaking glass, etc..

User Friendly Interface

Easy Interface with better guidance.

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Got 100+ 5 stars rating, 500+ downloads.

Amazing App for Morning

Say Hello to Morning with Odd Alarm App.

Easy Configuration

Have you ever heard your alarm and hit the snooze immediately? Sure. Now, have you ever been awoken from your sleep by your pup vomiting? You will jump out of bed and shuttle your pupper to the nearest door immediately. This unexpected sound will jolt you from your deepest sleep…every.single.time.

Imagine Your Blessed Day
With Odd Alarm App

To have an alarm that immediately awakens them with an urgency to get up and get moving.

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Take a tour and trust us, it is an amazing app to meet your all schedules on time.

The Wait Is Finally Over

Odd Alarm is here!

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